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We love events and parties. With modern and fun entertainment to choose from, not only we can prepare an unforgettable event for you, but we will provide an additional party element as well! Whether it’s planning, invitations, event design, or a little bit of everything, we customize our offerings to meet your needs, ensuring the big day unfolds seamlessly.

Our Expertise

Event Planning

The Reasons to hire an Event Planner

We all know how stressful planning an event can be. Having little or no idea about what to expect, try your best to figure out how to organize the event properly. Realizing the number of things you’re leaving out while trying to be everywhere at the same time. Then, that horrifying moment when you realize you’ve exceeded your budget limit.

1. Saves cost

2. Reduces stress

3. Organizational skills

4. Saves time

5. Choice

6. Attention to details

7. Creative themes

8. Adaptability

9. You can enjoy the event

It is our goal to make your event a magical experience.

We offer a complete deal for you to host the perfect event, and make your dream event comes to life!

We can plan your event from A-Z, and give the best party in town.

We got your party covered!

Event Design

What makes us love being a decorator?

  • Creating something that didn't previously exist is intoxicating and addictive. 

  • Solving people's problems is incredibly rewarding.

  • There is always something exciting to look forward to.

  • You will never, ever know everything.

  • Decor inspiration is everywhere, your mind never stops creating.

Specializing in events design

Kids' birthdays, Teens' celebrations, Weddings, Adults events, Christening, Baptism, Baby shower, Gender reveal Bridal shower, Holidays, Corporate Events, Graduation, Grand opening, Bar and bat mitzvah, Tea parties, Picnics.

Not only will the luscious cake be tiered to perfection,

Fairy Castle will add layer after layer of creativity to the party considering every last charming detail.

We are proud of the fact that we invest all our time and heart in our endeavor to please you, our esteemed client. Our work begins when we first listen to you as you talk about your vision for the event décor and service. After carefully listening to you, we try and come up with the best possible event for your requirements. 
We are extremely passionate about what we do and want you to cherish your special event forever.

This is why we put in all possible efforts to make it more than perfect!


Take your party to the next level!

Looking for someone FUN to host your next event?  

We offer a complete DEAL  for you to host the perfect event, and make your event exactly how you want it!


Our customized entertainment is specialized specifically to your needs! 

From fire arts, music, and circus to dance shows and performances, we have something special just for your event.

We have extensive experience working with all kinds of events and all high-energy,

fun, and charismatic performers that will help your special person

shine on their big day!

Host an incredible event that audiences will adore!

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